Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

1921 - 2021

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Rector's monthly letter

Happy Easter

You may well be reading this in Holy Week. Happy Easter! At the beginning of April there is Good News in the life of the Church. Not only are we celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ once more, also here in the MidTest benefice we have reopened the churches for public worship. Distinct from 2020’s on-line Easter celebration, this year we are able to worship together in church.

As you would expect, strict procedures will be in place to protect public health in church. In particular it will be necessary to make a booking if you want to come to church on Easter Sunday – please contact one of your local churchwardens for more details, and of course, hand sanitiser and masks and distanced seating will be required.

The national public health situation gives us cause for hope, as the rollout of vaccinations continues at pace and prevalence of the virus continues to decline. It seems appropriate, as we celebrate Easter, to have such a cause for hope. However, we would do well to reflect on Jesus’ followers’ reaction to the news of the resurrection. At first, they were confused and unsure – some were disbelieving and others responded by hiding indoors in fear. Our response to the good news on public health should be equally cautious.

This Easter, there is Good News. This Easter we have reason for hope. This Easter we can look forward to a new future and a changed world. Yet we need to recognise the cost that has been paid for this Good News, the pain and suffering that that has brought it about, and the need to ensure that it is Good News for all people. Happy Easter.

Revd Philip Bowden, Rector