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Rector's monthly letter

New Year, New Page, New Beginnings …

Thank you. Thank you everyone for all you have done to collectively get our community through to the end of 2020 and into a new year. Of course the change of the date does not in of itself make the challenges that our world, nation and community are facing any easier, but psychologically we need to be able to consign some of what we have had to endure to the past and have sight of a blank page, on which to write a new chapter of our story.

Thank you also for all that you have done to enable us to celebrate Christmas. Different to any other Christmas we have known, at the heart of it was the same story and the same reality of the divinity of God mingling freely with the profanity of the world. In many ways the challenges that we have been enduring add grit to that truth – the world into which God reaches out really can be a difficult place. Our lives are far from perfect and are never far away from needing a touch from the divine. Yet even a world gripped by a global plague is not a prospect that our God will turn away from.

Throughout January, the Church continues to celebrate Christmas and this mystery of God being present in our world. Following on from the Feast of the Epiphany on 6th January we consider the many different ways in which God makes His presence in the world “manifest” – how he reveals Himself enabling us individuals to have moments of epiphany as we suddenly recognise God’s hand at work in our world. It is there for those who have eyes to see it and hearts to recognise God’s love in action in the everyday goings on of life.

So in this new year I would encourage you to keep your eye peeled, and your ear to the ground, in order that you might be able to see beyond your earthly troubles and recognise all that God is doing for us in our midst.

Revd Philip Bowden, Rector