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Community Benefit Fund

Houghton Village website Community Benefit Fund

Houghton Community Benefit Fund (HCBF) is a charity set up to administer the windfall community benefit fund donated to the village by the developer of the Eveley Solar Farm.

It is run by a group of local trustees and makes funds available for projects large and small in Houghton which have a benefit for our community, or a section of it.  


Richard Priestley – Chairman

Martin Bryars – Treasurer

Ingrid Burt – Secretary

Lisa Aitken

Thomas Graham

David Lewis

James Scougall

Elizabeth Sedgwick

Michael Woodhall


Projects funded (or approved for funding) include:

  • new lighting for All Saints' Church
  • a WI Centenary booklet
  • new signage for the Houghton Trail
  • a new table tennis table for the Village Hall
  • updated edition of the Millennium History of Houghton publication
  • Houghton Community Black Bee Project

The HCBF trustees do not initiate projects; we administer the trust, invest its funds and make decisions on applications for grants. Anyone in the parish can make an application for a community benefit grant - whether on behalf of an existing organisation or not. We would very much like to hear from you if you have an idea for a project with a community benefit which you'd like to pursue and which needs funding.  We can also help you with more details of what can be funded (we can't, for example, fund education in institutions) and how to make an application.

If you would like to apply for such a grant, then please use the application form below and return by email to [email protected] 

The Trustees will present a report at the Parish Assembly each year in April/May.

A copy of the HCBF’s constitution can be viewed below and found on the Charity Commission website at:  use the charity number 1175843 in the search facility.

Please do get in touch if you would like any further information.

Houghton Community Benefit Fund - [email protected]